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Straight Up Plumbing Mark Treglia

Our Story

We have each spent our lives serving and caring for people in one fashion or another when they needed a dependable, reliable, and trustworthy person. Whether in great despair, or a friendly hand, we both take that responsibility very seriously. Together we own and manage Straight Up! Plumbing.

With us, you get a plumber who is highly qualified, drug free, and who will provide impeccable service with integrity and you get my personal guarantee that the job will be done right. You can speak directly to me anytime and if needed, I will be at your home with our service technician until the job is completed to your satisfaction. From now on, you have a trusted friend in the plumbing business you can depend on.”

Mark E. Treglia

His Story:

For 22 years I was honored to serve in the United States Navy where I cut my teeth in the plumbing field. The most rewarding part of my job was not only all the traveling around the world I did, but also the satisfaction I got from ensuring all my fellow shipmates had good clean running water and bathrooms that worked correctly.

I wouldn’t allow my systems to leak, or become a problem and it made me feel good that when a problem occurred, they could call on me to fix it correctly the first time. I sort of had a reputation on the ship as being “the guy” to call upon when a plumbing problem occurred.

As I grew and achieved higher positions, there came a time where I needed to hang up my tool belt, and start training and managing those after me. I enjoyed teaching younger men the trade and I really enjoyed seeing them succeed and having the same passion I had for so many years.

It was interesting to me how I went from a technician to a manager and leader and yet I still had the ability to make relationships with those who we served, only this time it was about people and not so much the work. One thing I have learned throughout the years is people hire people, period. It is all about the relationships you build and the trust that develops over time that make people happy.

After I retired from the Navy, I realized that I wanted to serve people again. I enjoy meeting new people and get great satisfaction from doing a good job and feeling their happiness after the work is completed and everything is fixed. My greatest desire is to prove to the people that I serve that there is still honesty and integrity in the plumbing industry. Let me prove it to you.


Her Story:

As a mother of 5 wonderful children, I felt I had a gift with educating children so I pursued a teaching career educating special needs children, and later as a Para professional. I have always believed in seeing the best in every student regardless of their disability, and watching them achieve every little milestone gave me a gratification I cannot put into words.

I want to put the same kind of dedication into our client satisfaction. I don’t believe in “customers” but instead, “clients.” I firmly believe that relationship building is the most important function in business. It builds a foundation of trust and integrity which can only be achieved through caring. I want our clients to see the very best of us, and know we will give them the very best of our services no matter what it takes.

Jerilyn M. Treglia