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Plumbing Services RenoStraight Up! Plumbing handles your plumbing and water system repairs, but our biggest commodity is care. We pride ourselves on delivering honest and reputable service to each of our customers while ensuring a safe and comfortable visit from your local plumber. Whether you have a major break or a simple question, you can feel confident that Straight Up! Plumbing will be a quick phone call away.

Hot Water Systems

Your water heater is under nearly constant pressure and stress, which is why it requires more attention and maintenance than nearly any other plumbing fixture…[Learn More]

Kitchen and Bathroom Fixtures

Your plumbing system’s purpose is to serve your plumbing fixtures, and it’s nothing without them…[Learn More]

Plumbing Repairs

Keeping your plumbing system in peak condition and efficiency is absolutely necessary for the harmony in your home and your family…[Learn More]

Water Purification and Treatment

Water softeners and water treatment systems can help keep your home’s water the highest quality available, and it can do a lot to save your pipe systems…[Learn More]

Drains and Sewers

If something goes wrong with your drains, sewage system, or septic tank, it can be a drastic problem…[Learn More]

Gas Line Service

Natural gas is a clean and efficient fuel source that more than half of the homeowners in America use for heating and cooking…[Learn More]

Underground and Outdoor Water Services

Maintenance and monitoring of your underground and outdoor water systems can save you thousands of dollars and avoid costly repairs…[Learn More]