$200 OFF Sump Pump Coupon

$200 OFF Sump Pump Coupon

Get a Sump Pump Installation in Reno

Does your crawlspace or basement flood after a downpour? You may want to consider a replacement or a professional sump pump installation. Reno residents have a great option with Straight Up! Plumbing. Our team has 30 years of experience in working with a variety of sump pumps. And, when you call us to have a sump pump installed you can be sure the installation is done right the first time.

Prevent water damage, mold growth, and other issues brought on by standing water in your home’s subterranean areas — call Straight Up! Plumbing for a free quote on a sump pump installation, today!

Do I Need a Sump Pump?

In homes with spaces below ground level, sump pumps (submersible pumps) pump out the excess water. Standing water in your basement can lead to issues with mold, mildew, pests, and infrastructure damage.

Although it is extremely rare for a home in the Reno area to require anything more than a sump pump, there are instances that may require a French drain or additional waterproofing components. If we believe a sump pump will not alleviate the issues in your basement or crawlspace we can refer you to an area waterproofing specialist.

Yes, Sump Pumps Do Require Maintenance!

If you’re like most homeowners, you probably don’t even think about your sump pump until something goes wrong. Maybe it was standing water in your basement after a heavy rain, or a sump pump that was unable to handle excess water from a burst pipe or water heater.

After a basement or crawlspace floods, homeowners will often remark, “but I have a sump pump.” It’s only after a technician asks about the sump pump’s age and maintenance schedule that they realize these units do wear out and do require maintenance every so often.

The sump pump specialists at Straight Up! Plumbing can help diagnose many sump pump issues, such as:

• Standing water
• Component wear
• Clogs
• Malfunctioning float switch
• …and more

How to Test Your Sump Pump

In the Reno area, a sump pump can go for a better part of the year without kicking on. Every few months take a bucket of water and pour it into your sump pump basin. Within moments your sump pump should kick on and start to pump out the water. If you don’t hear the pump start, test your GFCI outlet to ensure it is working. If that doesn’t solve the problem then call Straight Up! Plumbing and we will send out a sump pump specialist to diagnose the issue and recommend either a repair or replacement.

Sump Pump Installations from the Professionals

By working with a professional sump pump installer from Straight Up! Plumbing, you will have a system that is a perfect fit for your property. After you call our team, we will send out a specialist to examine the condition and size of your crawlspace or basements. The specialist will also look into factors that can affect a property’s drainage, such as soil type, slope, and other considerations. Using these calculations, the specialist will recommend a on these calculations, the specialist will recommend a sump pump based on horsepower, discharge rate, and overall reliability.

If you live an area prone to power outages, we may also recommend choosing a unit with a battery backup to ensure the sump pump operates during a brownout or blackout.

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Very, very professional! Extremely kind & friendly. Fast work, reasonable pricing. Absolutely will call again when needed.

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