Underground and Outdoor Services

Underground Water Systems RenoThe portions of your water system that you cannot see play an important role in your whole-home system. Your underground and outdoor water systems apply vital components for proper function, and those components need proper maintenance to ensure no leaks or breaks have occurred or have potential to occur.

Straight Up! Plumbing monitors your main water lines, hose bibs and hydrants connecting to your home to help identify any problems in the water service lines. This can include irrigation system monitoring and repairs.

Avoid Costly Plumbing Repairs

Don’t wait until your front or back yard begins bubbling in sporadic places, or for a random mud holes to begin flooding the yard. Straight Up! Plumbing can discover those problems before they destroy your yard or even the floors in your home!

Straight Up! Plumbing will monitor your water meter to discover any reductions or increases in pressure that will identify or prevent a potential leak or pipe break.

Our experienced plumbing professionals can also help you in the event of a leak or break. We can stop your water flow, repair the underground damage then seal everything to get your home back to normal.

Don’t wait until it’s too late — contact us today!