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Fix a Water Line in Reno, Nevada

Are there strange sounds coming for your faucets? Have you noticed decreased water pressure or detected an unpleasant odor in your water? It may be an issue with your water line. For years, homeowners have called on the expertise of Straight Up! Plumbing whenever they need to fix a water line in Reno, Nevada.

In many homes, the water line may be as old as the home itself. Whether you have copper or PVC pipes, no system is immune to water line issues. Root infiltration, cracks, breaks, and misalignments will have a noticeable effect on your home’s supply of fresh water. The solution? Call Straight Up! Plumbing for a water line repair, spot repair, re-pipe, or re-route.

Do You Recognize the Symptoms of a Water Line Problem?

You likely don’t see them on a regular basis, but your home’s fresh water lines play an essential part in keeping your home and family healthy. Some of the most common water line issues come with one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Odd sounds from faucets. One common symptom of a water line issue comes in the form of strange faucet noises. Sometimes these are due to a bad cartridge, check valve, gasket, or spindle, but water line issues such as hammering, knocking, or vibrating can make the problem even worse.
  • Low water pressure. Water is fed to homes under pressure. When a water line pipe becomes misaligned, cracked, or root-infiltrated you will likely notice a drop in water pressure. 
  • Water discoloration. Most municipalities perform annual maintenance on their plumbing network. This can stir up sediment in the water line. Call your municipality to see if they are flushing water mains or hydrants. If they are not it’s best to avoid drinking the water and contact Straight Up! Plumbing to evaluate the situation. If your water is gray or brown, do not it drink; your water may be contaminated. Call our team to diagnose and fix the issue.



    • Foul or mineral taste in water. Underground water line cracks and breaks can introduce foreign contaminants into your home’s water supply. The water may appear clean, but you may notice an earthy, mineral-like taste in your water that wasn’t there before. If you’ve ruled out maintenance from your local water utility, you should assume your water is contaminated and you should contact a plumber.
    • Unexplainable stains on wall. A water line break can occur in any plumbed area of the home. If you notice stains on the wall and/or pools of water in your home this may be a sign that a water line is damaged.

    Avoid Costly Home and Plumbing Repairs

    Don’t wait for your yard to become saturated or your water to become contaminated. If you suspect there is an issue with your fresh water supply, avoid drinking water from the tap and call Straight Up! Plumbing. Using advanced water leak detection equipment, we will locate the source of the issue and recommend the best way to resolve it.

    Following the repair, Straight Up! Plumbing can follow your water meter data to make sure there are no unexpected fluctuations affecting your home’s water supply. Don’t wait until it’s “too late” — call Straight Up! Plumbing today!

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    Very professional and did a very nice job of replacing faucets and toilets. Would recommend them to all my friends. Serviceman was very friendly and knowledgeable.

    Terry R

    Thank you Straight Up Plumbing for sending Robert to fix our bathroom. He is very talented and does great work!

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    Very, very professional! Extremely kind & friendly. Fast work, reasonable pricing. Absolutely will call again when needed.

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    Very, very professional! Extremely kind & friendly. Fast work, reasonable pricing. Absolutely will call again when needed.

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